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Illinois Traffic Lawyers

Illinois traffic lawyers can help your traffic case in court. If you receive simple traffic tickets for speeding or invalid vehicle equipment it’s often best to simply pay the fine and move on. These are either traffic infractions or misdemeanors, and many times you may not need a lawyer (although it’s always best to consult with one first).

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When should you get a lawyer?

You must always consult an attorney for more serious traffic violations such as hit and run, causing an accident with injury, reckless driving, and driving under influence just to name a few. Our website provides information about laws and penalties related to these traffic violations, but an experienced traffic lawyer will always be able to look at your specific case and develop possible defenses for your case in court.

Felony charges

Serious traffic offenses are often felonies, especially repeat offenses. These are no laughing matter, as they typically have thousands of dollars in fines and possible jail time. Penalties can easily be further increased if you committed other violations in the same time, for example drunk driving with a child in vehicle, or DUI while having a suspended driver’s license.

What can traffic lawyers help you with?

Experienced Illinois traffic lawyer can help you pay smaller fines and avoid jail time. In some cases they may even be able to bring down felony charges to misdemeanors. In most cases you will not get full acquittal, but attorneys can plead for reduced sentences and smaller financial liabilities, or they can help you obtain special driving permits allowing you to drive from and to work even if your driver’s license is suspended.

Court appearance for minor violations

If a driver receives a ticket for a minor traffic violation, a date for a court appearance will appear on the face of the ticket. If the driver fails to pay the ticket or to appear in court on the date indicated, a second court date may be set a minimum of 30 days later.

The clerk of the court will send a notice to the driver at the last known address. Failure to appear on the second date will result in the suspension of the individual’s driver’s license until the court is satisfied and a reinstatement fee is paid. Drivers who are under age 18 and required to appear in court must have a parent/legal guardian present at the court appearance.

If you intend to dispute traffic tickets it is also highly recommended to hire a good lawyer.

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