Dashboard camera laws

Illinois Dashboard Camera Laws

Are dashboard cameras legal in Illinois? This is a frequently asked question nowadays. Quality camera prices are always on the decline, their storage space is always on the rise, and the need for proof of traffic accidents and reckless drivers is always needed.

There are no specific Illinois dashboard camera laws to prohibit or allow these devices. However, other laws indirectly regulate their usage.

Are dashboard cameras legal in Illinois?

Here’s a brief overview of everything you need to know about using dash cams in Illinois:

  • Using dashboard cameras in Illinois is legal
  • Dashboard camera must be placed on driver’s side bottom corner and must be smaller than 5 inches
  • You must have a consent from everyone in your vehicle if you want to record audio

There are several other important laws you need to be aware of if you plan on using car dashboard cameras. Below we’ll explore these regulations to ensure you avoid getting into legal issues.

Obstructing view

Illinois vehicle equipment laws prohibit driving vehicles where driver’s view of the road is obstructed, and Illinois takes obstructing driver view of the road seriously.

This is why window stickers and cracked windshields for example are regulated by IL laws. As a result, this is why a dashboard camera should be placed in the bottom left corner of the vehicle’s dashboard/windshield.

Furthermore make sure your dashboard camera is no larger than five inches.

Wiretapping and eavesdropping

Illinois is a “two-party consent” state, meaning it is a criminal offense to record audio of communications without the consent of all participants.

This means everyone in your vehicle should be aware and should consent to being recorded.

Recording video is generally legal. However, if you are publishing your videos publicly make sure to blur faces, license plates or other identifiable information.

Can you record police in Illinois?

Recording police misconduct is often one of the main reasons why drivers get dashboard cameras. Harassment during traffic stops, illegal searches and many more law-breaking actions by the police are now a daily occurrence.

In Illinois you are legally allowed to record police officers. You do not need their consent either, as Illinois laws specifically permit recording police on-duty officers in public since 2014.

Can dash cam footage be used as evidence?

Video footage from dash cameras can be used as evidence. Generally speaking, it is difficult for any footage to be used against you as you need to provide consent for it to be used as evidence in court.

In most situations having dashboard camera video of a traffic accident can help with insurance claims or court cases.

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Based on all relevant Illinois laws, using dashboard cameras in vehicles is legal. There are no rules or regulations that would prohibit making video recordings through a dashboard camera while driving.

It is very important to ensure you do not record audio without the consent of everyone in the vehicle. Additionally, ensure you reasonably protect the privacy of others if you publish footage on Youtube or social media.

Lastly, always ensure your camera is placed in bottom left corner and isn’t over 5″ in size.

This article about Illinois Dashboard Camera Laws was last updated in 2024. If any of our information is incomplete or outdated please let us know. Thank you!