Illinois driver's license

Illinois Fake Driver License Penalties

Using a fake driver license in Illinois is no laughing matter. While they may be readily available typically for teenagers, using a fake driver license or ID card in Illinois is a serious offense.

Persons committing the following offenses are charged with a Class A misdemeanor and are subject to arrest, possible imprisonment of up to five years and a 12-month suspension or revocation of their driving privileges:

  • Signing a driver’s license/ID card application that includes false information.
  • Presenting false identification for the purposes of obtaining a driver’s license/ID card.
  • Using a fictitious or unlawfully altered driver’s license/permit.
  • Presenting another person’s driver’s license/ID card as their own.
  • Allowing another person to knowingly use identification documents to apply for a driver’s license/ID card using their name.

Possessing or assisting anyone in obtaining a fraudulent driver’s license is a Class 4 felony, as is manufacturing fake driver licenses. Repeat offenders will be charged with Class 3 felonies.

It is strongly recommended to go through the process legally and obtain your license the right way.

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