Illinois driver's license

Illinois Driver License Cancellation

Cancellation is the termination of driving privileges by formal action of the Secretary of State’s office. Cancellation of a person’s driver’s license or permit will occur because of an error or defect in the license or because the licensee is no longer entitled to the license.

Reapplication for a driver’s license may be made only after the terms of the cancellation have been met.

The reasons a driver’s license may be canceled include but are not limited to the following:

  • Medical Condition — Being medically or visually unfit to safely operate a motor vehicle; failure to submit a medical or vision report when required; and failure to self-admit to a medical condition that may interfere with the safe operation of a motor vehicle.
  • Re-examination Requirement — Failing to appear for a required re-examination; failing a portion of the test required on a mandatory re-examination.
  • Fraudulent Application — Committing a fraudulent offense in the making of a driver’s license or ID card application.
  • Ineligible — Being unentitled to the license or permit.

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